Building Permits

National Inspection Corporation (NIC) is responsible for monitoring the proper application of municipal, county, state and federal building laws for our residents and businesses building in the City. NIC works in conjunction with the Planning & Zoning Department and the Milford Community Fire Department as needed and is available Monday through Friday at (513)248-5097.

Building/Zoning/Electrical Permit Application
Building Permit Resubmittal Application
Building Fee Schedule
Demolition Permit
Certificate of Occupancy Application

Commercial and Residential Codes Effective April 2024

A pre-construction meeting is required for all commercial construction projects for " additions,  and new construction". This does not include Electrical, HVAC, Sprinkler and Fire Alarm permit applications.

Completed building permit applications can be dropped off at City Hall and should include four (4) sets of plans. These applications will be forwarded to NIC for their review and usually take 7-10 business days to process. Water tap, wastewater tap and street opening permits may also be required at the time permits are submitted, check with NIC if you have any questions.
NIC now processes electrical permits for the City, plumbing permits are processed by Clermont County.