Water Management & Sediment Control Regulations

The purpose of Water Management and Sediment Control (WMSC) regulations is to establish management and conservation practices that will eliminate or abate soil erosion and degradation of waters from sediment caused by non-farm earth disturbing activities. These regulations further intend, but are not limited to accomplish several things:

1. Eliminate or minimize downstream flooding, erosion and sediment damages caused by development and other earth disturbing activities
2. Eliminate or reduce damage to watercourses which may be caused by increases in the volume of the runoff entering the streams or by the sediment and pollutants contained in the stormwater runoff
3. Establish a basis for the design of a stormwater management system in order to protect the current and future rights and options of both dominant and subservient property owners and help assure the long-term adequacy of the stormwater management system
4. Encourage innovative design that will enhance the control of erosion and sediment in a manner consistent with the intent of the regulation
5. Provide for innovative design of the controlled release of stormwater from the site

The WMSC regulations separate earth disturbing activities into four (4) types of site development:
1. Site development for subdivisions, commercial developments, and industrial developments
2. Site development for single commercial or industrial buildings, including additions and accessory buildings.
3. Construction of residential homes that are located in approved subdivisions and residential homes on single lots of any size, including additions and accessory buildings
4. Cut, fill or grading on the existing parcel (s) or lot (s).

The WMSC regulations are administered and enforced by the City Engineer. The Board of Zoning Appeals will manage the appeals process in accordance with section 1131.01 of the Milford Zoning Ordinance.  

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