Marsy's Law

As you may know, since February 5th of this year, Marsy’s Law is in effect, providing Ohio’s crime victims new constitutional rights. Marsy’s Law requires criminal justice system officials to notify crime victims of their rights.

 Along with the Attorney General’s Crime Victims’ Rights pamphlet, the Toolkit is a great, free online resource to help justice system officials inform crime victims of their Marsy’s Law rights. In the Toolkit, you'll find nearly everything victims need to know about their rights from the time of the first report through investigation, prosecution, incarceration, and post-release control. The Toolkit provides victims with information and tools to protect and enforce their rights, such as:

  • Victims' rights laws (in layman's terms with links to the O.R.C.)
  • Form letters to help victims exercise certain rights

Many prosecutors, sheriffs, and police departments have already included the Toolkit link on their websites because so many crime victims visit the websites for victim information. Over 30 community libraries in Ohio have added the Toolkit to their websites, as well. We hope that you will consider adding the Toolkit link (below) to your website and social media as a resource for you and for the benefit of crime victims in your community. (While the exact choice of label for the Toolkit link is up to you, it is important that you would include the phrase “Victims Rights Toolkit.” For social media posts, we ask that you use #MarsysLaw, #VictimsRights, and #OCVJC.)

Victims Rights Toolkit - Marsy’s Law Rights