Frequently Asked 

The City is excited to provide a communication tool for citizens. The Action Line Request System allows visitors to request information, submit requests for service, or submit comments for review through Milford’s website. This easy-to-use system enables citizens and the City to enhance the flow of information and requests.


Frequently Asked Questions


Which projects require permits?
Please call the city office at (513) 248-5093 and ask for Pam Holbrook between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Does the City contact property owners about maintenance?
The City requests that all residents and property owners be respectful of others and comply with the Property Maintenance code by maintaining all aspects of your property, including those areas of properties that are visible from alleys. This includes the condition of buildings, as well as keeping yards mowed to the curb and clear of trash.



Does the City pick up Christmas trees?
Every Wednesday in January, Milford will collect live Christmas trees, as long as the tree is free of all decorations. To participate in this service, just place your decoration free tree at the curb for collection the night before collection. There is no need to call in for this service.

Does the City pick up leaves?
The Service Department will also collect leaves in the fall, usually beginning in October. Please rake the leaves to the curb, making sure not to block the street or any storm drains. Please do not bag the leaves. The City operates the leaf removal truck usually five days a week and they are in each neighborhood every 1-2 weeks. Please do not park your car in front of or next to your leaf pile or it may not be collected.

Who should I contact about tree questions/issues?
Street trees or right-of-way trees are covered under the City of Milford ordinances. Residents must fill out a Street Tree Permit that will be reviewed by the Parks and Recreation Commission. Please call (513) 831-4192 for additional information about tree issues.

Who is responsible for clearing the sidewalks?
Snow removal on sidewalks is the responsibility of residents and/or property owners according to Milford’s Codified Ordinances. The City appeals to citizens to always keep sidewalks in good repair and clear of debris for the safety of pedestrians and children walking to school. You are also asked to clear snow around fire hydrants to aid firefighters and around meters to aid utility meter readers.



How can I purchase or rent additional City of Milford trash toters?
Please check the street list to verify your address in the City of Milford. Call Rumpke at (513) 741-5255 for additional information about the rental and purchase price.

How do I get a green recycling bin?
Please check the street list to verify your address in the City of Milford. Call the Administration office at (513) 248-5092. A recycling bin will be delivered to your house by Rumpke.

Can I dispose of paint in my regular trash?
Yes, only if the paint is dry and hardened. Simply leave the lid off the can and mix in sand, sawdust or kitty litter to speed up the drying process. Once it is solid, place the can next to your trash with the lid off so your waste hauler can see that it is dry.

What holidays are observed by the City of Milford for trash collection?
New Year’s Day and Christmas Day. Trash pickup normally be picked up the following day.

How can I dispose of my contractor’s garbage?
Private contractors hired by citizens are always responsible for the disposal of brush, limbs, branches and other yard debris cut by the contractor. In addition, remodeling and demolition debris must be delivered by the contractor to a landfill for proper disposal. This type of waste material is not accepted at the curb for trash collection.

How can I dispose of large items?
Items that will not fit into your waste container should be broken down into under 4 foot long bundles weighing less than 75lbs. Each bundle should be secured for easy handling. Large items may be donated to many local nonprofit organizations including St. Vincent de Paul at (513) 831-3353, Goodwill (513) 771-4800, and the Salvation Army at (513) 351-3457. Residents may set out one large item each week, such as recliners, stoves, washers, mattress etc. with their regular garbage if the item cannot be donated.

How can I dispose of a refrigerator?
If the large item is a refrigerator or freezer, a certified technician must remove the Freon and the certification label must be affixed to the appliance before Rumpke will take the item. Day’s Appliance Repair Heating & Air Conditioning Company at (513) 745-9130 provides home service or Clermont County Engineer’s office accepts deliveries in Batavia by calling (513) 732-7894.

How do I dispose of household hazardous waste?
The Adams-Clermont Solid Waste Management District has partnered with Environmental Enterprises to offer a free drop-off program for household hazardous waste materials. To find out more about this program, check out our website at, or call (513) 732-7894. The Clermont County Fleet Maintenance Office also accepts most used motor vehicle fluid and cooking oil for their oil burning furnaces. For more information, please call (513) 732-7775.

What can I put into my recycling container?
Milford offers one-stream recycling, which means that all recyclables can go into the same container. The acceptable items include: all glass bottles, aluminum cans, paper, corrugate cardboard, clean pizza boxes (no grease or food) and telephone books. One stipulation is that the corrugated cardboard must be flattened and cut or torn into 3 foot by 3 foot pieces. The City recommends that residents use the containers provided through our contract with Rumpke to contain their solid waste and recycling.



Who do I call if I have questions about my service/bill?
Please call the Utility Billing office at (513) 248-5080, or you can email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are available 8:30am – 4:30pm, Monday – Friday.

When is my Utility bill due?
Regular Utility bills are sent out in February, April, June, August, October and December. You will receive your bill around the 10th, and payment is due by the 28th. Final bills are sent out every month.

Why is my water bill so high?
There could be several factors causing a high bill. If you have a leaky faucet or toilet, we recommend that you have it checked immediately since both can cause a significant loss of water. Toilets that continually fill, or fill until you jiggle the handle, are invisible leaks-until you get the water bill. Other factors such as a leaking pipe and use of a humidifier will also contribute to a high bill. Another reason could be If your water usage was estimated in a prior billing(s), your usage may have been underestimated.

What is the ST Water charge on my bill?
This charge covers the maintenance of existing storm sewers and new storm water projects throughout the City. All properties within the City are assessed this fee.

I have moved, or am planning to move out of the City.
What do I need to do regarding my Utility service?
Contact the Utility and Income Tax offices with your final date of occupancy and your forwarding address information. If you are renting property, be sure to contact us as soon as you move out so that the account can be transferred back into the property owner’s name promptly. If you are the property owner, please contact the Utility and Income Tax offices when a renter moves out. Two calls are always better than none.



Do I need a permit for a yard sale?
Please remember if you plan to have a yard sale, you must obtain a permit from the Milford Administrative Offices. No more than three yard sales may be conducted by any household in a single calendar year. For further information, please contact the City of Milford at (513) 831-4192.

How do I rent a park shelter?
Please call Jackie Bain at (513) 831-4192, Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to check availability of shelters for rent at Garfield Park. Click here to download the application.

How do I reserve a conference/meeting room?
Please call Sharon Waldmann at (513) 831-4192, Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to check availability the conference room. Click here to download the application.



Does the City of Milford have a local income tax?
Yes. It applies to all persons who reside in, work in, or generate earned income within the City and to the businesses that earn income within the City. This tax is a major source of revenue, and we depend upon it to fund basic operations, public services and capital improvements needed to maintain a viable and progressive community.

What is the current Milford income tax rate?
The current City of Milford income tax rate is 1%.

What income is subject to the City of Milford income tax?
The tax is imposed on all salaries, wages, commissions or other forms of compensation earned by its residents or nonresidents who work in the City as well as income earned for work done or services performed in the City of Milford .

Am I required to file an income tax return?
All residents of the City of Milford are required to file an annual city tax return even if the appropriate city taxes have been withheld. All persons or companies who engage in any form of business, or provide goods or services within the City are required to file an annual City income tax return.