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UTILITIES: General Information

Utility customers are billed for Water, Wastewater (Sewer), Stormwater and Solid Waste & Recycling. Sewer is billed from the water usage. Billing is done every other month and is calcualted on the previous two months usage. If you have questions regarding your bill, be sure to contact the Utility office as soon as possible after receiving your bill.

Currently, the City accepts cash, check/money order and credit/debit card payments.  We are excited to announce the new secure Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) payment option.  This type of payment is a direct withdrawal from your checking or savings account.  Payments will be processed on or around the 20th day of the billing month, and depending on your financial institution, funds will be withdrawn within 5-10 business days.  This is a secure, hassle/worry-free option that will eliminate payment delays and late fees.  If you are interested, please complete the sign-up form below and return it to the Utility office. If you have questions, please contact Dee Dee Hershey-Shaw at (513) 248-5080 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Make sure that everyone within your household is familiar with the water meter location and water shut off valves in case of a leak or break. If you have a leaky faucet or toilet, we recommend that you have it checked immediately since both can cause a significant loss of water. If you experience a leak or break, you may be eligible for a sewer credit if the water does not enter the City sewer system. Proper repair documentation and meter readings must be submitted to the Utility office for credit consideration.

Be sure the area near water pipes and meter pits is insulated to prevent freezing. Replacement of a frozen meter can be costly and will be charged to the property owner. If your pipes freeze and break, notify the Utility office immediately.

Swimming pool fills (2000 gl. and greater) are eligible for Sewer credit. Contact the Utility office before beginning the fill with a meter reading and again once the fill is completed with the ending meter read.

Sewer credit will not be issued for watering gardens, lawns, flowers, trees, etc., and deduct meters are not permitted within the City. However, Landscape meters are allowed. For additional information regarding required permits, fees, etc., please contact the City Engineer at (513) 248-5098.

Utility and Permitting Specialist
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(513) 248.5080
Request for Transfer of Utility Services (PDF)
ACH Payment Sign-up (PDF)

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Project WET: Worldwide Water Education

Leaving on Vacation?
If you are going to be gone for an extended period of time, be sure to contact the Utility office with a forwarding address to avoid delays in receiving your Utility bill. Also, be sure to double-check that no water is running before you leave. A running toilet can use several thousand gallons of water, and a Sewer credit cannot be issued for a leaking/running toilet as the water goes into the Sewer line.
Rental Property
If rental property is vacated, please be sure to contact the Utility office as soon as possible. Before an account can be transferred into a new renter’s name, Landlords are required to complete a Request for Transfer of Utility Services form. Once completed, the form can be mailed, faxed or emailed to the Utility office.
Delinquent Notices
As a reminder, we send out Utility bills in February, April, June, August, October and December and payment is due on the 28th day of the month. Within the first week of the following month, we generate and send out Delinquent notices to accounts with unpaid balances.  Please understand that once these notices are in process, we cannot stop the preparation if a payment is received after the process has begun.  So, if you have made payment around this time frame and you receive a notice, it is simply a cross-over in the process.  Of course, if you want to confirm payment has been received, please feel free to contact us at (513) 248-5080 or (513) 576-5461.
Plumbing Repairs
From time to time, plumbing repairs are necessary.  City of Milford Water Department personnel are the only ones authorized to turn water off/on at the curb stop, so be sure to contact the Utility office to have this scheduled.  If any damage to City property is caused from an unauthorized person performing this task, the repair/replacement cost will be the responsibility of the property owner.  Questions, contact the Utility office at (513) 248-5080 or the Water Department at (513) 831-6819.
Going Away for the Winter
Summer has come to an end, and soon the cold, winter months will be upon us once again.  If you are planning on being away from Milford for an extended period of time, please provide us with forwarding address and contact information.  This will ensure that you receive your Utility invoice in a timely manneras the Post Office does not forward them, and they will be sent back to the Billing Office.  Questions, contact the Utility office at (513) 248-5080 or (513) 576-5461.

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