City Government

Building department

The Building Department is responsible for overseeing proper application of municipal, county, state and federal building laws. The Building Department works in conjunction with the Planning & Zoning Department as needed. The Building Department is staffed Monday through Friday. Building code inquiries and inspection requests for construction projects should be made by calling the Building Department at (513) 248-5097. Completed building applications should be submitted to the Building Department with three sets of plans. NIC is now issuing electrical permits.

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National Inspection Corporation
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(513) 248.5097

Building Permits

Building/Zoning/Electrical Permit Application (PDF)
Building Fee Schedule (PDF)

Demolition Permit

Certificate of Occupancy Application 

Water, wastewater, and street opening permits may be required at the time permits are submitted.
Plumbing permits are issued by the Clermont County Board of Health

Water Management and Sediment Control Regulations

WMSC Summary (PDF)
WMSC Regulations (PDF)
WMSC Regulations Appendix A (PDF)
WMSC Fee Schedule (PDF)
WMSC Certificate Application (PDF)
WMSC Permit (PDF)