Best Hometown T-Shirts

To celebrate the Ohio Magazine November issue featuring the City of Milford on the cover, we have designed this t-shirt to highlight why Milford is so special!

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M: The block M represents the Milford School district, rated #27 in the state by US News & World Report. The City was founded in 1836 along the banks of the Little Miami River.

I: we are dotting the I with Ohio

L: the kayak symbolizes the many opportunities for outdoor adventure that the Little Miami River provides for our residents and visitors.

F: our best hometown logo

O: the bicycle wheel represents the Little Miami Bike Trail and the Milford Trailhead that is the junction of over 22,000 miles of trails throughout the United States

R—our residents!

D: Milford was founded as a mill town on the Little Miami River and is named such because of it’s location as the first safe ford north of the Ohio river to cross the Little Miami.


The t-shirts will feature this logo on the front and our Best Hometown logo on the back. The shirts will be white, long sleeve unisex t-shirts and will sell for $20 each (s-xl, 2xl is $3 more). We will be taking orders until October 30th. Please email your order to, payment can be made at the City Building from 8:30-4:30 Monday through Friday, or send the attached order form in with a check.