Income Tax FAQ

What is the Regional Income Tax Agency (R.I.T.A.)?

Where can I find the Milford Tax Ordinance?

What types of income are taxed?

How do I determine if I am a resident of the City  or my business is within the City limits?

Am I required to register with the City?

What are the Individual and Business Income Tax Filing Requirements?

Where can I find Individual and Business Tax Forms?

I am an employer, do I need to Withhold Tax?

Does Milford give credits for tax paid to another city?

Can I ask for an extension?

What if I made an overpayment?

How do I get a refund?

Do I need to file Estimated Tax?

How can I pay my taxes?

Is there a Late Filing Penalty?

Is there a Late Payment Penalty?

What are the interest rates?

Is there a Return Check Fee?

I am a Landlord, what are my requirements?

I am a Contractor or Subcontractor, what are my requirements?

What is the JEDD Tax?

Do I have to register with the City if my business is in a JEDD?

What is the Milford JEDD Tax?

I have a business located in the JEDD, do I need to withhold taxes?

What are Milford JEDD boundaries?

What is the Transient Occupancy Tax?

What is an Admissions Tax?

Where can I find RITA Refund information?