Short-Term Rentals

If you are interested in operating a short-term rental in the City of Milford you will need to obtain a short-term rental permit from the City. Short-term rental property is defined as a dwelling unit containing not more than four sleeping rooms that is used for and/or advertised for rent for transient guests for a period of less than ninety consecutive days.

  • Residential non-owner occupied short-term rental property is prohibited. Owner must occupy the dwelling unit if it is located in a residential area. This means that in a building containing more than one unit, only a unit that is occupied by the owner would be eligible for a short-term rental permit if it is located in a residential area.
  • A residential short-term rental property is not permitted within 300 feet of another residential short-term rental property.
  • No more than 30 short-term rental properties are permitted in the City per calendar year.
  • One short-term rental application form is required for each dwelling unit.
  • Permits must be renewed yearly by January 15th.

Action Steps

  1. Read the Short-Term Rental Property Ordinance. 
  2. Download the Short-Term Rental Application Form. 
  3. Contact the Milford Fire Department at 513-831-7777 to schedule an inspection.
  4. Prepare all information required to be submitted with the Short-Term Rental Application Form.
  5. Submit the application with all required materials to City Hall.
  6. You will be notified once your application has been approved. A permit fee of $500 is due upon issuance.