Annual Report

City Council & Milford Residents:

It is my pleasure to present the 2018 Annual Report. The professional men and women of the Milford Police Department worked tirelessly in 2018, to maintain our greatest asset, public trust. Additionally, we continued our quest to provide contemporary policing based upon best practices and high standards. Our Mission, Creed and Core Values remain the cornerstone of our service and we pride ourselves on helping to make Milford a great place to live, work and play.

In Early 2016, Governer Kasich released the Ohio Law Enforcement Collaborative in an effort to improve community-police relations and to provide a set of minimum standards for the use of deadly force and for recruitment and hiring. The Milford Police Department has a long history of embracing professional standards, so it was no surprise that we became one of the first agencies in Ohio to achieve Collaborative certification. Community partnerships are a critical piece of our foundation and served us well in 2018. Projects such as our Citizen's Police Academy, Junior Police Academy, National Night Out and Shop with a Hero wouldn't be possible without our partners and volunteers. A newly formed board of officers was elected to the Milford Police Community Partnership, which serves as the primary funding source for our outreach projects.  During Bike Helmet Safety Week in May, officers were on the lookout for anyone cycling without a helmet. Thanks to a grant from the American Academy of Pediatrics, officers were able to issue helmets at no cost. Officers rewarded anyone spotted wearing a helmet with coupons donated by Milford area businesses. In partnership with our friends at Community United, we enjoyed two cookouts with the residents of the Oakwood Apartments over the summer months. The year was capped off with our third annual Operation Holiday Patrol in partnership with PetSmart. As you will see from this report, the results of the hard work and dedication of my staff are undeniable. We achieved every one of our annual goals; goals such as reducing injury auto crashes along our main corridor, as well as crashes caused by impaired drivers. We increased case clearance rates and many other goals that make Milford a safe community.

It's an honor to work with such dedicated professionals in service of a grateful and supportive community. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this report.

Very truly yours,
Jamey Mills
Chief of Police